What is the Truthstand?

Your high octane truth filled energy drink!

The truthstand podcast is created to defend the true followers of Jesus Christ and the divinely inspired and inerrant word of God from the daily lies, falsehood, propaganda, fake news and damnable heresies of the lost and condemned, but ever-growing false Church of Satan and the sinful, God hating culture. The truthstand will not just stand by and watch as the prosperity and the social justice gospel continues its bastardization of the true and pure Gospel of Jesus Christ as false men of God satiate their Wicked and depraved lust for money, Fame, affirmation and Power. These issues and many more will be addressed by the Luminary with a Godly conviction, passion, fire and energy that you will not hear on any other podcast. Because you can chase a lie all over the world but the truth it stands where it stands.