the TruthStand podcast Sunday edition #13: My response to Pat Robertson and the Alabama Abortion ban Law

Your High Octane Truth filled energy drink is back!!!

In this brief but very impactful statement about abortion. The Luminary makes very plain what the body of Christ response should be regarding abortion aka infanticide. The focus of this edition of the TruthStand podcast is christian influencer Pat Robertson and his absurd comments and rejection of the Alabama Abortion ban law. The Luminary also has some very sobering things to say regarding the “rape and or incest” exception and has a stunning rebuke to the profession of faith in Christ about silly and unbiblical debates about worldly issues. This episode was originally recorded for Facebook and so you may hear a reference to another audience. The intro is from the TruthStand podcast Sunday Edition episode #9.

TruthStand Podcast episode #4

The story that is NOT Being talked about!

China is kidnapping Christians, more anti-Christian legislation,
Trump, pelosi and Schumer get it on over illegal immigration,
SCOTUS endorses baby murder..Google and Apple role in the persecution of Christians and free speech..
Pastors, prostitutes, immorality and straight up criminality christian perversion…all on the TruthStand!

Sunday Edition!

the TruthStand podcast episode #3

John MacArthur discusses the church with Ben Shapiro…North koreans risk life for bibles while feminist women want to re-write it…In the name of “inclusion” Chick Fil-a is “excluded” The wickedness of abortion and Women farting…All will be discussed on this episode of the TruthStand.

Sunday Show!

Intro 0:00-6:17
North Korean Christian’s desperate for the bible, risk their lives…
Pastor beaten in India vows to not stop preaching
New women’s bible
Chick fila 6:17-20:17…

Break 20:17-21:48…

John MacArthur clip 21:48-25:32…

Dying church article 27:30-31:25…

Woman farting and Kareem Hunt 32:06-36:42…

Rape victim chooses life and becomes a target
Planned Parenthood ad
Christian College claims that pro-life makes them uncomfortable…36:42-46:08…

Ending scripture
Matt 27…46:08-53:20
King of the Hill clip 53:20-53:58
Outro music 53:59

the TruthStand podcast episode #1

Disgusting christian apostasy including Jesus being declared a slut and a pastor sexy christmas song, the persecution continues, the throwing of bacon, Dave Ramsey tells christians not to tithe and NO POLITICS!


4:00 – 12:26
Defining apostacy
Reading from 2 Tim 3: 1-9

stories about apostate “christians”

23:30 – 29:22
Deitrick haddon christmas sex song and response from youtuber Marcus Rogers

32:42 – 37:41
Gay “christian ministries” says Jesus is a slut. Commentary and clips

37:41 – 41:31
Dave Ramsey says christians shouldn’t tithe, bacon is thrown at a manager (bart simpson laughs)

41:32 – 56:35
Christian Persecution. Various headlines and my mission statement for the truthstand.

56:36 Close with Lamentations 3:22-26