the TruthStand Sunday Edition podcast #11

The truly persecuted!

In a follow up to the PoliticalTruth podcast episode #2, the Luminary continues to expound on the real live persecution of the Christians that is being all but ignored by American media. Everyone is talking about what happened in New Zealand and rightfully so, but where is this same outrage for Christian who face systematic persecution. 11 Christians die daily just because of what they believe. Is there death somehow less important just because it wasn’t captured on Facebook? The Luminary will discuss the 10 Countries where the body of Christ is most persecuted and he will then issue a sharp rebuke to laziness and falsehood of American Christianity.


the Political Truth episode #2


Where is the outrage? Where is the histeria? Where is the wall-to-wall media coverage for Christian who are being killed by Muslim terrorist groups and other tyrannical Christophobic groups on a daily basis??? On today’s edition of the Political Truth, the Luminary will site 26 global incidents of systematic persecution of the Body of Christ. Christ and his followers have been the victims of terrorism of decades and the media doesn’t because it doesn’t have a political objective to achieve. You will also hear the Luminary and his hot take on Beto O’Rourke and everybody’s favorite idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Quickie Truth podcast #2:

Today’s microscopic racism is nothing compared to ‘real’ RACISM!

In this special edition of the QuickieTruth I read an article posted on by an African-American author and poet who gives 3 examples of REAL racism and dismisses the notion of systemic oppression today.  Also, you will be privileged to hear one of my most epic rants ever about Colin Kaepernick and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Special RANT edition

Quickie Truth podcast #1

America is in real trouble!  This story about a Chipotle manager being falsely accused of racism tells us so much about who we are as a people and just how far we have degraded ourselves, just how divided and tribalized we are.  Why are we so quick to believe that any accusation of racism is true?  This is going to destroy our country.

False racism is destroying America.