the TruthStand podcast episode #3

John MacArthur discusses the church with Ben Shapiro…North koreans risk life for bibles while feminist women want to re-write it…In the name of “inclusion” Chick Fil-a is “excluded” The wickedness of abortion and Women farting…All will be discussed on this episode of the TruthStand.

Sunday Show!

Intro 0:00-6:17
North Korean Christian’s desperate for the bible, risk their lives…
Pastor beaten in India vows to not stop preaching
New women’s bible
Chick fila 6:17-20:17…

Break 20:17-21:48…

John MacArthur clip 21:48-25:32…

Dying church article 27:30-31:25…

Woman farting and Kareem Hunt 32:06-36:42…

Rape victim chooses life and becomes a target
Planned Parenthood ad
Christian College claims that pro-life makes them uncomfortable…36:42-46:08…

Ending scripture
Matt 27…46:08-53:20
King of the Hill clip 53:20-53:58
Outro music 53:59

the TruthStand podcast episode #1

Disgusting christian apostasy including Jesus being declared a slut and a pastor sexy christmas song, the persecution continues, the throwing of bacon, Dave Ramsey tells christians not to tithe and NO POLITICS!


4:00 – 12:26
Defining apostacy
Reading from 2 Tim 3: 1-9

stories about apostate “christians”

23:30 – 29:22
Deitrick haddon christmas sex song and response from youtuber Marcus Rogers

32:42 – 37:41
Gay “christian ministries” says Jesus is a slut. Commentary and clips

37:41 – 41:31
Dave Ramsey says christians shouldn’t tithe, bacon is thrown at a manager (bart simpson laughs)

41:32 – 56:35
Christian Persecution. Various headlines and my mission statement for the truthstand.

56:36 Close with Lamentations 3:22-26