the TruthStand Podcast Sunday edition 12: The Real Reasons Why People Reject Christ

Your High Octane Truth-Filled Energy Drink is back!!!

This episode of the TruthStand is a departure from the norm. The Luminary has ONE thing on his mind and that is the REJECTION of CHRIST. There is much false teaching based on false reasons why the world rejects Christ. The Luminary list these reasons and discusses them in great detail. He also pushes back against world’s phony justifications that has deceived so many in the professing church. This episode promises to be BLAZIN HOT!!! FYI: This episode was originally recorded via video on Facebook Live. So, if you hear the Luminary reference the screen…that is the reason.

the TruthStand podcast Sunday Edition #8

Sunday Edition!

The Luminary is back for your weekly Truth filled, high octane spiritual energy drink. In this 8th Sunday edition we are Donald Trump heavy. We talk about his battle to protect American from the evil wicked witch from the bay Nancy Pelosi (who owns a winery with a ‘wall’ around it). Youtuber Mark Dice will talk about how ‘fake news’ was exposed this past friday. More on the “Lamborghini” false preacher John Gray (who is an associate of Joel Osteen) and the disgusting cowardice of “christians” in California…all this and more…YOU ARE IMMERSED IN the TRUTHSTAND!!

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Pastor Who Posted “Bruce Jenner is Still a Man” on Church Sign Ousted As Pastor
Baptists Sit Under Pope to Be Lectured on Pursuing Common Ground
“Gay Christians” Seeking to Hook Up? – There’s an App For That
Oprah Mocks God on Stephen Colbert Show
10-Year-Old ‘Child Drag Star’ Photographed Posing with Naked Adult Drag Queen
Federal Judge Issues National Injunction, Stops Trump’s New Religious Exemption Rules on Birth Control
Transgender Dad Is Raising 5-Year-Old Transgender Child
Trump denies Pelosi aircraft for foreign trip, after call for State of the Union delay
SC pastor who bought $200K Lamborghini for wife lives in $1.8M house paid for by church

the TruthStand podcast episode #3

John MacArthur discusses the church with Ben Shapiro…North koreans risk life for bibles while feminist women want to re-write it…In the name of “inclusion” Chick Fil-a is “excluded” The wickedness of abortion and Women farting…All will be discussed on this episode of the TruthStand.

Sunday Show!

Intro 0:00-6:17
North Korean Christian’s desperate for the bible, risk their lives…
Pastor beaten in India vows to not stop preaching
New women’s bible
Chick fila 6:17-20:17…

Break 20:17-21:48…

John MacArthur clip 21:48-25:32…

Dying church article 27:30-31:25…

Woman farting and Kareem Hunt 32:06-36:42…

Rape victim chooses life and becomes a target
Planned Parenthood ad
Christian College claims that pro-life makes them uncomfortable…36:42-46:08…

Ending scripture
Matt 27…46:08-53:20
King of the Hill clip 53:20-53:58
Outro music 53:59